Online Services

Do It Online

You are now able to book appointments and request repeat medication online using the surgery Patient Access online system

Before you are able to use this service you must first have access to your personal registration information.

Important Information

Patients aged 16 and over must apply for this registration form in person. Applications cannot be made for anyone other than yourself unless the patient is under 16 years of age and you are the patient’s parent or legal guardian. In this case an application form will be issued but you will need to remember to log in using the child’s Patient Access details if you are making an appointment or requesting a prescription on their behalf. 

You can only make one routine appointment at a time via the internet booking facility. It is not until this appointment has been attended or cancelled that you can book another appointment. If you need to make more than one appointment you will need to ring the surgery. Any appointment with a doctor, nurse etc. booked at the surgery via the internet service, phone or in person can be cancelled using the online appointment facility. 

In the case of emergency appointments please ring the surgery. 

Electronic prescription requests will still take 48 hours to process. If you require urgent medication please bring a written request into reception. 

  1. Obtaining Your Registration Information

    – Come to the Surgery in person with photo ID and ask the receptionist for details of how to register for Patient Access. You will be given a letter with your own unique registration details then follow the simple instructions below.
  2. First time use of Patient Access online

– Click on  and follow the log-on instructions.

– You will be asked to create an account.

– You will be prompted for your personal login details, which will be on your registration letter, previously obtained from the surgery.

– You can then register and use our online services.